May 01

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A Cloverleaf Book Review: BLUELOON

I came across this book the other day and just had to order it.  It’s Blueloon, written by Julia Cook.  If you don’t know about Julia Cook, you are missing out on some terrific children’s literature.  She writes amazing stories on behavior and health for kids, teachers, and families.  She has written many of the books that we have in our social skills library, which are wonderful tools to help our students understand what they are feeling and how process it successfully.

This week, I am highlighting Blueloon because it’s written about a sad little balloon that is suffering from depression.  Clinical depression is often seen and diagnosed within adults, but also can affect children.  It is up to adults to see the warning signs, help kids learn how to communicate their troubles, and give them strategies to help pick themselves up when they are feeling down.  In this story, Blueloon meets Wise Rock who helps him “bounce back” to the way he used to be–bright, round, and full!

Julia Cook has a quote that I love on her website: “In order to teach a child, you must enter their view of the world.”  As teachers, we often take on the role of “Wise Rock.”  Children with learning differences need us to help guide them through tough situations and through life. At Cloverleaf, we are always looking for new and exciting tools that will help us teach our kids to become life-long problem solvers.

I can’t wait till this book arrives at my doorstep.  If you haven’t already, check out more of Julia Cook’s book titles. They are all remarkable and you may very well become as avid a fan of her stories as I am!

      Happy Reading!

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  1. Alison Ratner, LCSW


    This book sounds great. I’m going to get it to use in the office. Thanks!

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