Feb 13

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A Day of Datawarehousing with the DataChix to Benefit The Cloverleaf School!


We at The Cloverleaf School are fortunate enough to have the fabulous Julie Smith on our board as one of our Co-Founders.  When she’s not helping to get groundbreaking new special needs schools off the ground, Julie is part of the popular IT blogging duo, the Datachix as well as a Consultant at Innovative Architects and an SQL Server MVP.


She and her Datachix compatriot, Audrey Hammond, have been generous enough to donate a day of training to benefit The Cloverleaf School.  So, without further ado…..


Learn DataWarehousing with the DataChix!


SQL Server MVPs and popular blogging team Audrey Hammonds and Julie Smith of DataChix.com offer this one day of training to benefit The Cloverleaf School of Atlanta in cooperation with The American Legion Post 251, Duluth, GA.  Audrey will take you on a guided tour of converting a transactional model into Dimension and Fact tables.  After the model has been created, Julie will guide you through loading those tables using SQL Server Integration Services.


To top it all off, it’s happening on March 14th folks.

That’s right. 3/14  Pi Day.  Could there be a better way to celebrate the irrational number which represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter than by using SSIS?  NOPE!  But maybe we’ll get some delicious Pie to celebrate as well!


Audrey and Julie bring over 25 years of warehousing experience to this fantastic day of training, but don’t say that to their faces!


Datachix, Audrey Hammonds

Part I Dimensional Modeling with Audrey

Why Transactional databases are the way they are—Codd’s rules to live by

Why Codd’s rules don’t work for Reporting– Kimball’s rules to live by

Fun at the whiteboard converting a transactional model to a dimensional model.



Part II Extract Transform and Load using SSIS with Julie

A tour of SSIS

Datachix, Julie Smith

Control Flow Basics

Data Flow Basics

How to load Dimensions with SSIS

How to load Facts with SSIS

Why SSIS has got such a bad rap sometimes.


What happened and when

When things go wrong, how to know the details

Top quirks of SSIS—what, why, and how to get around them.



Lunch and Continental Breakfast provided.  Please contact the organizer at the above email for any special dietary considerations!  Thanks and see you on Pi Day!


FOR TICKETS—–http://datawarehousingdatachix.eventbrite.com/#


Can’t make it to this great day of SSIS training to benefit the school, but you’d still like to support our mission? http://t.co/VX6yGftC

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