May 10

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Since it is Teacher Appreciation Week, it seems like the perfect time to let others know how much we appreciate them.  We teachers have been honored and humbled by the “10 things” series our parents, board, and administration put together for us.  As teachers, it feels great to be appreciated, which has inspired us to return that feeling of gratitude to those around us.

The Cloverleaf School teachers have come up with a list of things that we appreciate about our school’s family of people. We couldn’t be more thankful for the people that we work around everyday. Here is our way of giving out a GIANT- “Thank you! We appreciate you! And we couldn’t do our job without you!”

We appreciate our students, who motivate us to come to work and do our best. We appreciate the ways that they keep us on our toes and teach us just as much as we teach them.  We appreciate them for allowing for us to step into their world and see things their way.  We appreciate their differences and each of their unique personalities.

We appreciate our board, who allow us to be professionals and who trust us to make important decisions. We appreciate the ways that they support us by giving us the opportunity to teach and make a difference in the Atlanta community.  We appreciate our board for building up our strengths and for helping us work through our challenges.  It’s also worth mentioning how much we appreciate the Boston Market meals they provide every other Sunday night for our meetings!  We are quite spoiled.

We appreciate our parents, who walk in with smiling faces. We appreciate them because their capacity to care is colossal.  We appreciate their strength to keep moving forward, stopping at nothing to provide the best support system possible for their children.  We’re thankful to work collaboratively with families, striving together to reach the goals we share for these kids.  We’re thankful they share their wonderful kids with us.

We appreciate our administrative staff, who are super human, working incredibly long hours to direct the school and make the school’s environment safe for us to teach. We appreciate their dedication to helping our school gain accreditation and for being present every day to talk with families, accept new students, and truly support us.  We can knock on the door any time and be met with, “what can I do to help?”

We also wanted to take this time to thank the Ledden family for giving us the gift of travel.  We had the chance to go to New York City, on a teacher trip, which has been one of the most amazing experiences for each of us.  This trip helped promote the spirit of unity, strengthen our friendship, and fuel our growing passion for teaching.  We can’t say thank you enough.


So to all the wonderful people we get to work with as we continue to grow our school, thank you.  Thank you for believing in us, for trusting us, for supporting us, for working with us, and for starting this incredible new school.  Thank you for being some of the most outstandingly passionate, genuine, and inspiring people we’ve ever had the privilege to work with.  Thank you!

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