Oct 02

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Book Review: The Busy Beaver

Many of our kids at The Cloverleaf School are impulsive. Impulsivity can be very complex and but we as teachers aim to help teach alternative responses.  We know that we are not going to “fix” the impulsivity in our kids but we do know that we can help them become more aware.  Becoming aware is one of the most important steps in understanding our own actions and also a first step in developing replacement behaviors to help cope.


 Here is an awesome book that may help you introduce a lesson on impulse control.

The busy but careless beaver spends his days following random impulses, rarely thinking things through and leaving in his wake a devastated forest filled with stumps, half-nibbled trees and injured, homeless animals. But then one day the beaver finds himself on the wrong side of a falling tree, which as it turns out, is just the thing to knock some sense into him. After reflecting on his behavior, he decides to make some changes. Soon, the now wiser and gentler beaver is getting down to the business of making things right, much to the delighted surprise of his forest friends.


The Busy Beaver by Nicholas Oldland does a wonderful job developing positive language around certain behaviors that are difficult for our students to become aware of and understand.  This book puts a positive spin on making changes and thinking things through. The beautiful illustrations make this book a fun read for teachers, parents, and kids!


Happy Reading! :)



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