Oct 13

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“Brain” Unit sneak-peek from Ms. Jennifer’s class!


Our language arts class just completed our first unit with great success! The theme of our first unit was the brain. Students learned 3rd and 4th grade ELA content material centered around topics such as individuality and parts of the brain. Students investigated related topics they were curious about, like how the brain and movement are related, or comparing animal brains to human brain.  To celebrate our learning and bring our unit to a conclusion, we visited Fernbank Museum, featuring The Brain exhibit. Students were able to interact with neurons to get an inside look at what happens when multiple neural pathways connect, put together and take apart models of the brain, learn about how the brain responds to different types of sensory stimuli, and play a large range of brain games to test different areas of the brain. Check out the photos below, capturing these moments of learning first hand.

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