Jun 13

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Camp Cloverleaf–Exploring Their Senses

Today at camp, we took a trip to the Morningside Nature Preserve to explore the outdoors and feel what it is like to use “animal senses.”  To get a better understanding of how Georgia’s native animals and reptiles live, our students used all of their senses to create sensory poems while out in nature. Our senses tell us what we need to know about our environment. Each of our campers had many creative ideas about what senses animals need to use in order to survive their habitats.

While crossing the bridge, each child measured how many steps it took to cross the bridge. Next, they measured the bridge using bunny hops, bear crawls, and horse gallops.  All of their measurements were recorded in their notebooks to apply to their measurement math lesson for the day.


Later in the day, we had a picnic lunch and the kids had some fun playing in the creek and getting wet.  While back in the classroom, we read The Mixed-up Chameleon and made silly animals what were also all mixed up. We ended our day with group yoga to wind things down a bit.


Camp Cloverleaf teachers fully understand the importance of helping our campers navigate through the classroom as well as through their community. Our academics, field trips, and lessons are all created to build upon each other to allow for better understanding of academic content and aid in social skill development. Since we are SO wild about animals, we will be heading to Zoo Atlanta to apply our knowledge of reptiles, talk more about animal habitats and learn more about continents :)

Stay tuned for more!


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