May 17

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Camp Cloverleaf Sneak Peek! Urban Garden Adventure!

During my Environmental Education training, I had the pleasure of meeting a few individuals from a fantastic organization in Atlanta called Truly Living Well.  Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture is a non-profit that works to engage the community in developing local food systems through education and food production.  Their farm campus is located in the heart of downtown Atlanta.  After thinking more about my experience,  I suspected this organization would welcome our kids’ participation in their initiative.  Hands on experiences like this help our kids make connections to the world around them and also build their confidence in social and academic settings.  In addition, they can anchor science and math concepts learned in the classroom and help the kids relate those concepts in a more meaningful way.


During our second week of camp, we will be taking “A Walk Through Georgia.”  Each day, we will be going on a new and exciting field trip that will allow our kids to explore many of the adventures available to them right here at home.  As a happy consequence of my encounter with the group, during this week, our kids will tour the Truly Living Well urban garden and will see food actually being grown, learn about planting and crop management in the state of Georgia, and do a service project that gives back to their city.  We are so thrilled to participate in this unique opportunity.


We are also hoping to use much of what we learn to create our own urban garden after we move to our new campus!  With the greenspace we will have starting in August, we plan to extend the concepts introduced by the Truly Living Well Center and build on the skills we learn in Week Two of camp.

Don’t forget to sign up for our camp!  Hope to see you there!


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