Jun 05

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Camp Sneak Peek: Part II (Only Two Spots Left in Week 2!)

During Week Two, we will be traveling to the Little Creek Farm Conservancy in Decatur, where they are “Keeping the Neigh in the Neighborhood!”  Our kids will have the chance to observe the horses as well as to ride them.  They will also get to interact with horse trainers and horse experts, and study horse behaviors.


At Camp Cloverleaf, our teachers are always talking with our campers about their behavior and helping them become more aware of how their actions appear in many different settings. While at the Little Creek Farm, teachers will help our campers compare and contrast the behaviors of horses to the behaviors of humans. How do they look different and how do they look the same? This experience will  help our campers make connections and think more about their behaviors.  Fun outings and experiences add excitement and a novelty factor both of which can help children feel more discussing what is most difficult for them. Since all of our campers have social emotional challenges, we are always trying to find new and exciting ways to teach social skills on a deeper level.  During the academic portion of our day and during our field trips, we will talk about body language, facial expressions, movements of our bodies, and the ways that we can keep our bodies safe and also friendly around others.  (Our Number ONE Social Skill for Success!)


The Mission of Little Creek Farm Conservancy is to promote the stewardship of Little Creek Farm for equine activities, including educational, environmental and recreational outreach programs for the general public. We can’t thank them enough for this opportunity to connect with horses and our community. The Little Creek Farm is a facility of Dekalb County Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs.


The Little Creek Farm Conservancy also offers riding lessons, boarding and special events.  The next event is on Saturday, July 14: Movie in the Meadow – come enjoy a fun equine film at the farm!  Please visit their website for more information!


“Horses change lives. They inspire us in so many ways. They provide peace and tranquility. They give our children confidence and self-esteem. Little Creek horses and riders deserve the very best, safest environment for both work and play  –The Little Creek Farm Conservancy 

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