Dec 05

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Check Out Our Cell Models!

After learning all about plant and animal cells, students Bryson and Sammy created their very own cell models. Then, they each made a VIDEO to share their projects!


Here’s Bryson, explaining the parts of his animal cell and inimitably asking “Are you getting this?”  :)

Bryson explaining the parts of an animal cell.



And here’s Sammy, talking about the plant cell he made and getting all meta-textual on us!

Sammy talking about the parts of his plant cell.


In addition to creating models, each student wrote about each cell part. Sammy compared a plant cell to a house. 

Cell Parts Are Like a House
by Sammy

The chloroplasts are like solar panels because they use the suns energy.

The nucleus is like the living room because everything happens there.

The vacuole is like the closet because it keeps stuff in it.

The cell membrane is like reinforcers for the wall because it is behind the cell wall, but goes around the cell.

The cytoplasm is like floor interior of the house. It keeps it all together.

The golgi apparatus is like the mailbox it sends and receives stuff.

The mitochondria are like the power box. It gives energy.

The endoplasmic reticulum is like the wires because they transport stuff.


Cells are COOL!



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