Sep 15

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TBT: Check Out Our Rube Goldberg Machines!

In honor of #TBT (ThrowBackThrusday), enjoy Ms. Emily’s awesome science post from the Cloverleaf Archives–

During our Physical Science Unit, as we studied simple machines and physical forces, things took a comedic turn when our class got acquainted with Mr. Rube Goldberg.  We watched some fun videos of “Rube Goldberg Machines” (featured below) that had us equal parts cackling and curious.  The students were so inspired, they begged for us to make our own! It was one of those “going off the script” teacher moments where following the students’ passions and excitement far outweighed the original lesson plan.

We immediately started brainstorming ideas!  Each class determined what their end goal would be, and then we worked backwards.  Through teamwork, problem-solving, Grit, and MUCH trial and error, each class made a machine that worked!  Check them out–

These Rube Goldberg machines are a testament to the student-centered learning model at Cloverleaf.  The students’ ideas were far deeper and more creative than what we would have originally done had we stuck to the written lesson plan.  Voice and creativity in the classroom empower students to pursue their curiosity and build confidence as life-long learners.


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