Mar 12

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Cloverleaf App Reviews: A Fun Way to Learn the Continents!

A Fun Way to Learn the Continents!

Review by: Ms. Emily

App Name: iLearn:Continents & Oceans (Jumper Mobile)

Price: FREE

Learning Goal: This app helps students learn the location of the seven continents and five major oceans.

Description: This app has three modes: Learn, Game and Test.

In Learn mode the students can touch the oceans and continents and a voice tells them what they’re touching. A label also pops up on the map as well as at the top.

Game mode includes a timer in the top left corner. A voice says the name of the continent or ocean. Students have one minute to find as many continents and oceans as they can. Their score (# correct & # incorrect) is shown in the top left corner so learners can keep track of how they’re doing.

In Test mode a voice says the name of the continent or ocean (it’s also written at the top). Students find all the continents and oceans, but it is not timed.

Features: There are settings that allow you to select which continents and oceans you want to appear in the game or test mode. It has an option to turn on/ off the voices and effects. You can pause your game or test if needed. 

Kid Feedback: This app is exciting and engaging if you don’t know your continents and oceans. Once you do, it’s hard to find it interesting. The only thing you have left to do is try to beat your time. Some of our students found that exciting, others were not too thrilled.

Uses: I would use this app to teach my students the continents and oceans. It’s interactive and gives immediate feedback. I could also use this app to assess my student’s knowledge of the continents and oceans. Since it gives you your score at the end it would be easy to keep track of student progress.

You could also use this app to assess and practice cardinal and intermediate directions. For example, you could say “Touch Africa. Now, what continent is north of Africa?” or “What ocean touches the western edge of the continent of Africa?” If you have the sound on you’d immediately be able to tell who got the correct answer and who had difficulty.

Positives: easy to navigate, simple format, customizable features, gives immediate feedback audibly and in writing, the other apps in the iLearn geography series are in the same format.

Limitations: It does not have a way to turn down the volume. The only volume options are on and off.


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