Nov 12

Happy Georgia Gives Day!


Happy Georgia Gives Day from The Cloverleaf School!

Clik here to support-

Why Give?

– 5.9 million children diagnosed with ADHD
– 1 in 68 children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder
– 2.4 million children identified as having a learning disability
– Traditional school settings are failing to meet these students’ special needs


Tuition alone cannot cover the cost of a high-quality special education.


As of today, 100% of the staff and 100% of the Cloverleaf board of directors have committed to give a personally significant amount to the Cloverleaf annual fund. We are aiming for 100% parent participation by the end of the calendar year.


And we need YOUR help! 

We cannot reach our goal of $100,000 with our inner community alone. We depend on the generosity of our fans and supporters to help us make up the many costs that tuition cannot possibly cover.

Who We Are

Cloverleaf students are:

4Cs (1)

Cloverleaf students are often kids who, after struggling to reach their full potential in a traditional school setting, flourish in a sensory-sensitive environment with ample opportunities for sensory regulation. Our students benefit from small class size, engaging multisensory lessons, and direct instruction social skills. Many have been diagnosed with ADHD, a developmental disability, or a learning/processing disorder.


Success Stories

“There is no other school in Georgia that has found the perfect blend of academics and social/emotional support. Our child has THRIVED at this school. He caught up an entire year of math within the first three months of school and is reading beyond his grade. His brain is stimulated and it has regulated him as a result. He finally has real interest in his peers and they all just ‘get’ each other. It is a beautiful thing to have your child excel in all areas. All of us are so pleased with this school that we are pushing for expansion to higher grades. Cloverleaf is a wonderful place and a true miracle for our family.”


Cloverleaf is amazing! We have a high functioning Aspergers child who is a gifted learner, but also needs understanding and skilled teachers to help her build emotional control and social skills. So many schools either challenge academically OR support special needs, but not both. Cloverleaf does both beautifully with amazing teachers that provide the most detailed feedback and comprehensive assessments of our child (not cookie cutter testing). I can’t speak highly enough about the school.”


Your Impact

Becoming a supporter of Cloverleaf means helping to:


– Keep tuition as affordable as possible for our families
– Pay hard-working teachers what they’re worth
– Provide our students with learning resources as unique as they are
– Grow enrollment to help even more kids reach their potential
– Offer more educational programming to the Atlanta community


Join us in making this Georgia Gives Day a milestone in Cloverleaf history!

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Nov 04

Staff Spotlight: Ms. Renee

For this week’s Staff Spotlight, we present to you our middle school‘s other half, Ms. Renee Carmon! To learn more about Ms. Renee, check out her bio and see her answers to our 6 Cloverleaf questions below.


Renee kid picGrowing up, what was your school experience like?

Growing up I enjoyed school, although someone might not have been able to recognize that fact at the time. I remember enjoying my teachers and my peers, however I also remember being brought to tears several times up until about fourth grade. I was a very emotional student.


When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I think I always wanted to be a teacher. I remember teaching my stuffed animals and always trying to get my friends to play “school”. I was that child that brought home all the extra worksheets and workbooks at the end of the year so I could play school all summer.


What is the most significant lesson your work life has taught you?

Patience, and that we are all human and we are all valuable.


What are you proudest of?HeadshotRenee-1

I am proudest of my own three children. I can’t take all the credit, but I believe I have done my part to raise honest, caring, decent human beings who will positively impact society.


Your six-word memoir- go!

Only pursue what is worth achieving.

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Oct 28

Multisensory Sight Word Practice!

Check out our favorite round-up of multi-sensory practice activities around the web for helping students remember sight words. These homework options could even open up opportunities for parents and their children to actually enjoy homework time together!

(PS– Click the image to download a free printable to use in the classroom as well!)

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 8.18.23 PM


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