Jan 15

MLK jr. Day 2016

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Connecting students to our community is one of our four foundational pillars at The Cloverleaf School.  This Monday, January 18th, 2016, is Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service.  In honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy here in his home community, these are some events going on around Atlanta for your family to join in.  Click the images to follow the links for more info:


1.  Information about Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service:


– A helpful starting point for sparking a conversation with your kids about serving the community this Monday


2.  MLK Jr. Day Events Around Atlanta:


– An assortment of local happenings, from commemorative services to historical learning opportunities to volunteer projects


3.  Volunteer opportunities:


– Be sure to note the minimum age requirement– some service projects are for the whole family while others are for teens or adults


4.  MORE volunteer opportunities:


– Plenty of ways to participate in this day of service!  Once again, be sure to note the minimum age requirements of the various projects


5.  And for the teachers out there…


– Lesson plans about the day of service


6.  An assortment of other useful links related to MLK Jr. Day:





How will you and your family celebrate MLK Day of Service?

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Dec 10

The Power of Mindset


Everyone has probably heard the myth that you only use 10% of your brain. Of course, this isn’t true; we use even the smallest parts of our brains for very important functions. We need our whole brain, and at Cloverleaf we often refer to keeping our “brain in the group” in order to learn. Without all the parts of our brain, we wouldn’t be able to recover memories, or form new memories as we learn new information.


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When Carol Dweck published her book Mindset, she explored the connection between how our mindset determines our ability to learn new things. It is not the “brain we have” that determines how smart we are, but the approach we take with our brains. Her research demonstrated that students with a growth mindset, who believed they could change, grow, and improve over time, saw more success in school than those who believed their learning was fixed, inflexible, and predetermined.


How can students begin to grow a growth-oriented mindset? Here are five ways you can help your students develop a growth-oriented mindset:


1. Post growth-oriented phrases in your room or at home. Instead of “I can’t,” encourage students to say, “I’ll be able to do it soon!” (http://www.nerdynerdynerdy.com/2014/07/when-students-say-i-cant-do-it.html)


2. Teach students about their brains, using images and diagrams of the brain. Show them how new memories form, so they know they are capable of changing and growing their brains.


3. Help students develop mindfulness and mindful habits. The Minds Up! curriculum is a great resource for teaching about the brain and mindfulness. http://thehawnfoundation.org/mindup/


4. Become a growth mindset school at http://www.mindsetworks.com/webnav/whatismindset.aspx. Mindset works! also has resources for parents and teachers. You can preview the program for free for 14 days.


5. Take a survey to determine if you have a growth mindset, and survey students. Discuss the results together.


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Dec 01

#ConsiderCloverleaf on #GivingTuesday!

Happy #GivingTuesday from The Cloverleaf School!#GT click here

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday…what a list!  It is getting harder and harder to keep up with all the gimmicky days around the holidays that try to sell us more products we don’t need.  But there is one day that instead calls for us to dig deep, pull together, and give our money to the things that really matter instead of just the latest consumer products.  There is a day that allows us to make a positive difference in the lives of our community members who need it most.  We hope you will all #ConsiderCloverleaf this #GivingTuesday.
Why #ConsiderCloverleaf?

Today could be the day YOU help a student with sensory processing disorder to get the “fidgets,” seating options, and regulation breaks he needs to learn effectively.


It could be the day that you help a student with Dyslexia get the leveled texts and specialized reading instruction that enables her to learn to read.


This #GivingTuesday could be the day you help a student with Autism receive the social skills lessons that empower him to build friendships with his peers instead of being bullied.


The Cloverleaf School provides an environment where students who learn differently thrive.  Will you help us continue changing lives this #GivingTuesday?
Give generously; change lives immeasurably… Cloverleaf Kids need YOU this #GivingTuesday!

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