May 26

Cloverleaf students are EMPOWERED!


At Cloverleaf, “student-centered” is much more than just a buzz word.  It is a deeply held value we strive to live out in our educational practices.  Cloverleaf students of all ages take a leading role in their education– they exercise choice and voice, practice goal-setting and reflection, and present their work proudly at student-led conferences three times per year. When I asked them yesterday what their portfolio is for, what they feel proudest of within it, why they created it, and how they felt about it, I was blown away by their answers.  As the school year draws to an end, it was clear to me that our kids spent it getting to know themselves as learners and as people– they are attuned to their strengths and areas for growth, they built confidence as they saw how capable they are, and they developed thinking skills that go much deeper than content knowledge.



“Right here [points] we set 2 main goals for the year.  I think I’ve done great on mine.  It’s been hard and sometimes I can get a little side-tracked.  I think I can still work on coming back from breaks quicker when the teacher says to.  One thing I feel really proud about this year is all the community connection trips we went on.”




“I feel good about how I did on the ideas area in my writing.  I liked these new pages we used [for scoring] this year because it was so organized for me to see how I’m doing.”




“Here’s the one I’m most proud of— my spelling.  I got 98% of the words right!  I’m also on level Z in reading.  I’m pretty good at reading— I don’t know why!”




“It’s my portfolio— I made it because I wanted to show how I learned. I learned how to draw when we read the meatball book. Pictures can help people read better. On this one [points] I tried my best. When you try your best, you learn something. [reads his writing aloud to me.]




“It’s my portfolio.  We put all the stuff in it.  I did this work in Ms. Jennifer’s class. [points.]  I did the numbers in the stars.  I am getting better.  Mom and dad will see me learning!”


“This is my favorite! [points.]  He has rainbow scales.  He swims the ocean.  I did good!  Mom will be so happy!”


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May 17

Beating the “Summer Slide”


Summertime is almost here and we can hear the sound of kids playing in the park, riding their bikes and staying out later soaking up the sunshine.  With the long awaited summer vacation comes a long break from class learning for some students.  Some schools provide students with worksheet packets or assignments to sit and complete, but that’s not exactly our style.  :)  There are a wealth of alternative ways to help you keep your child’s brain fresh and engaged between all the exciting summer events, Cloverleaf-style!  


As we learned when we were kids, reading is fundamental AND is your child’s ticket to accessing the world!  Even if your budget is tight, children can have rich reading experiences.  Check out your local Barnes and Noble for their reading times (for free!).  Also, if your child is an avid reader, sign up in the summer reading program at Barnes and Noble and they can read their way to a free book.   If you live in DeKalb County, Fulton County or Cobb County (as many of our Cloverleaf families do), there are many free events to participate in at local libraries that improve children’s literacy while also having fun and getting out in the community.


If you and  your child are interested in educational experiences or hands-on learning, try a tour at the Federal Reserve Bank.  Take in Georgia history with a self-guided tour of the Capitol Building downtown. This is a wonderful free experience to learn about this history of money.  Family field trips can be fun and educational!  If you’re looking for more creative and hands-on options, look no further than Create Atlanta, a free program from Woodruff Arts Center.


For more resources that are educational and fun, check out these websites:

365 Atlanta Family

Discover Atlanta heritage


Remember that the summer can be educational, fun and low budget, so take the time to experience new things and stimulate their learning!   


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May 12

What a spectacular spring soiree, Cloverleaf Builders!

Fbook cover 2 (1)

The “We Are Builders” Spring Soiree last weekend was a huge success!  Good food, good music, and a good cause– what more could you ask for?!  We appreciate everyone who came out and helped us raise money to grow our school.  We are thrilled to share that we exceeded our phase I goals, giving us a much-needed head-start on Phase II!!!


We will announce the final amount raised next week once we finish totaling everything up, as well as release a new “wall of thanks” to recognize our sponsors and donors.  Huge shoutout to Cloverleaf parents Michelle & Ali for making the event so beautiful and fun!


Here are the photos from the party, along with a few behind-the-scenes prep shots (click to enlarge):


and the official release of the incredible campaign video by the talented Rick Lockridge of Vee Media Farm:


Thank you again for celebrating with us and being a part of building the next era of Cloverleaf!  In case you missed out and would still like to donate, click here.  We couldn’t do what we do without our fantastic supporters!

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