Dec 13

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Cloverleaf Club: Ready, Set, FUN!!!

Hear ye hear ye! The Cloverleaf Club is proud to announce our new open invitation to all students throughout the Metro Atlanta area! In the spirit of the holidays and in celebration of our new ability to accept students beyond The Cloverleaf family, we would like to offer a special parents’ night out event Thursday December 13, 2012, extending our afterschool hours until 8pm. The cost for this event is only $10. We are now enrolling for this awesome afterschool experience. For more information call (404) 474-3904 or email [email protected]


The Cloverleaf Club is a uniquely designed enrichment program for students impacted by ADHD, social anxiety or difficulties, ASD, other neurological differences, or have siblings with such challenges. Any student who has had negative experiences in the past with academic or recreational activities ought to check us out. Our program goals are simple:


  • develop social skills and respect for others
  • improve physical fitness
  • support academics
  • create an encouraging, supportive, cooperative, and structured environment, which focuses on collaboration and participation as opposed to competition
  • make it all fun and entertaining for children

According to Dale Carnegie, in The Leader in You, “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” Children are no different. The Cloverleaf Club is a safe and fun multi-functioning afterschool program that offers children the opportunity to socialize, participate in sports, play, do homework, take art, music and other enrichment classes; and for kids to just relax. Our high quality program offers a fun and dynamic schedule that balances academics and recreational activities in an encouraging and healthy emotional environment. The Cloverleaf Club is one of the few afterschool programs in Atlanta that is inclusion based and has open hearts and doors to children with learning adversities and social-emotional difficulties.

Our schedule is a balance of academic and enrichment classes, structured movement based activities, plus sports skills and homework assistance. Some examples of the fun we are having are: Spanish club, science kids exploration club, computer lab, yoga stretch, aerobics, themed obstacle courses, soccer kickers, Frisbee frenzy, volleyball spike to name just a few. All activities are adapted and tailored to meet individual needs and leave kids with a feeling of accomplishment and confidence. We are open Mon- Fri from 3:30- 6:00pm (*till 8pm on Thursday December 13th for our parents night out). Please feel free to contact any of our warm and caring staff with any questions; we all look forward to seeing you soon.

-Jason Teufel

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