Feb 20

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Cloverleaf in the Community

Cloverleaf’s involvement in the community is just one of the many things I love about Cloverleaf.  For instance, we take the students hiking every Wednesday.  We believe in taking our learning out and about!

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In December, we reached out to an assisted living facility in our community to see if they were interested in building a relationship between our students and their residents.  We started off by sending them hand-made snowflakes with accompanying poems.  In March, we will visit their facility to perform our Spring Concert.  Hopefully, by March, all of the glitter will finally be off the floors and out of my hair!

20131208_164507-1 20131210_093425

In Science last quarter, students learned about fossils.  What better place to see real fossils and make a community connection than The Fernbank Museum?  We spent a wonderful afternoon exploring the museum and extending our learning.


Where do you like to take your children or students to learn out in the community?

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