Sep 27

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Cloverleaf Middle Schoolers serve their community


As part of the Cloverleaf Middle School program, students make monthly service trips to support local causes and fulfill needs in local communities. Last year, they baked cookies and volunteered at an animal shelter, made crafts with residents of an assisted living center, and cleaned up a nearby park.

20151201_132042_hdrOn the Martin Luther King, Jr. “Day On” national service day last year, students took time in the classroom to reflect on the purpose of service in their lives, what they can do to help others, and Dr. King’s message. They also reflected on how they can use their Cloverleaf skills (the “Four C’s”) as empowered citizens. Our students serve others by being capable, considerate, connected, and creative!


Here’s what the students had to say about service:

  • “I can offer to do this dishes for my Mom. I can help my Mom with the groceries. I have been doing a lot of chores, and it was hard, but I did it! Service means being considerate of others.”


  • “My boy scout troop is doing a service trip to clean someone’s backyard who needs help. We can also help people with disabilities. We went to an assisted living center, and we made pillows, and they had good thoughts about us.”


  • “We helped life by picking up trash at the park. I could also give away my toys to people who need them!”


  • “We can help people who are poor by donating money.”


  • “At my church we do a drive for homeless people. We buy things to help children like toys and clothes.”




It has been incredible watching these adolescent students grow in servitude, learning the value of giving back to the community and developing confidence in their ability to contribute positively to our world!

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