Oct 29

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Cloverleaf Staff Spotlight: Susan Anderson

Anderson kid We continue the Cloverleaf Staff Spotlight series with our fearless leader, Dr. Susan Campbell Anderson! You can find her bio here, see how we celebrated her 50th birthday here, and read more about her experience as a Cloverleaf parent here. Now, let’s see how she answered the same five questions we’re asking Cloverleaf staff this year.

1. Growing up, did you enjoy school?

In elementary, not at first, but school got better every year until I loved it!

2. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A physician, until I actually worked at a hospital.

3. What is the most significant lesson your work life has taught you?


Ms. Susan flying down the emergency slide on our Delta Training Center field trip!

Passion and hard work are the most important parts of success.

4. What are you proudest of?

My amazing family.

5. Your six word memoir- go!

“For book are not absolutely dead…”


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