Apr 15

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Congrats, Ari! Certified Therapy Dog!

Ari passed her test to officially become a certified Therapy Dog.  Hooray for Ari!

We marvel daily at how well Ari engages our kids in ways we humans can’t quite match, and now she’s officially official!  Congratulations, Ari the wonder dog!

From her bio:

“Ari has been working with Cloverleaf kids since the school was founded in January 2012.  She trained with Ms. Jen, her handler, while attending obedience school for her first year of life.  She passed her Therapy Dog certification test shortly after her first birthday, affirming what we already knew here at Cloverleaf: Ari excels at working with kids!  She is now also qualified to visit hospitals, assistive living and hospice facilities, libraries, schools, and other community centers for care where Therapy Dogs may be needed.  Ari is a husky-shepherd mix, adopted by Ms. Jen in December 2011.  Ari’s interests include chasing sticks on the playground, listening to students read aloud in the classroom, and playing with her fellow furry friends at the dog park.”


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