Aug 10

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Counting Our Blessings: Our Cloverleaf Families

It could probably go without saying that parents have a natural inclination to help out the folks that spend more than six hours each day with their children. In our case, at The Cloverleaf School, we have been so inundated with generosity, kindness, and support from our families that it can go without saying no longer. This magnitude of giving comes from their hearts straight to ours and I want to shout it from the roof tops! So, please, join me in recognizing each and every one of our Cloverleaf families for their contributions of material, serious skill, and hard work.











Thank you to:

  • The Boatright family for bringing in an extensive assortment of costumes for imaginative play in Ms. Jessie’s room
  • The Taylor-Dobrasz family for sending in pillows and blankets for classroom cozy corners, art supplies, general school supplies, and for rocking out every work day this summer
  • The Dunay family for donating a bright triangle trampoline and a big bagful of school supplies
  • The Falconer family for giving us 2 CD players, a ton of costumes, toy vehicles, two truckloads of office furniture, and for recruiting others to donate to Cloverleaf’s scholarship fund through Apogee
  • The Anderson-Ledden family for weeks of expert sanding and painting, back-to-school prep, and more costumes for the classrooms
  • The Lockridge family for two beautiful coat racks, our unique door tables, cubbies, school supplies, for coming out to our work days this summer, and for contributing to Cloverleaf scholarships through Apogee
  • The Sieglaar-Rizzi family for bringing in building blocks and over a dozen kids’ and board games that will be great for social skills
  • The Mills-Stubin family for purchasing items from our Amazon wish list, new light bulbs for every room, installing our fabulous sensory swings and mounting our wall stairs, being the last ones to leave our summer work days, and for donating a booster seat, library books, and cushions for the classrooms


It’s a common saying, “It takes a village…” I only wish I could more eloquently express how fortunate we all are to have these families as part of our Cloverleaf community.

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