Jan 06

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Counting Our Blessings: Peachtree Baptist Church


There are certainly worse problems to have that growing so fast that you have to look for a new location, but we hadn’t expected to have to look for new space before we’d even been open for a full year.


Our prior location was fantastic and had a lot to recommend it, but was short on space, for our needs.  We also weren’t able to use greenspace (a HUGE priority with our kids!) and the common usage of the play space could be distracting during academic periods, due to a layout that wasn’t originally envisioned for a school.


As we began the search, we came across a couple of “maybes,” but no true love at first sight.  Until we visited the Briarcliff wing of Peachtree Baptist Church, that is!


With large, sunny windows on a corner lot with greenspace a-plenty, we were thrilled with the prospect of moving in.  Although we are not religiously affiliated, the church welcomed us with open arms and the community has been heartfelt in their enthusiasm to have us.


Plus, the in-town location just can’t be beat!  As we celebrate the end of our first full yeare feel fortunate every day to have found such an ideal place to educate our students.


Thank you, Peachtree Baptist Church!


Meet Reverend Taylor Johnson, Associate Minister for Music & Worship, and all-around great guy!


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