Jun 30

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Counting Our Blessings: Sensations Therafun

While most of the choices involving The Cloverleaf School have been careful and deliberate ones, the decision to start a school MID-YEAR left some things to be desired. So, a mere six months ago, we found ourselves asking some pretty mission-critical questions. For instance, where would this school be located? Hmmmm……


For what would only be the first of many times, the Atlanta special needs community pitched in to help another well-intentioned participant in said community: in this case, us! We reached out to Jay Perkins, who we’ve known for years through his AMAZING playplace, Sensations Therafun. We’d had birthday parties there and spent many a happy afternoon there, as well.  Now, we hoped Jay’s connections in the community might give us a lead on someone looking to sub-lease space suitable for a just-starting-out school of only a few students.  But no.


Instead, Jay insisted we could use space at Sensations!  Which was a tremendous boon in a time of need.


For the last six months, three rooms off the main play area at Sensations have been the home of our little school.  As we packed up today, it was certainly with excitement to move into our bigger space (more on that later!), but it was also with a certain nostalgia.  Sensations Therafun will always be fondly and gratefully remembered as The Cloverleaf School’s first home.  And we will always owe Jay Perkins and his fantastic staff (we will miss you ALL!) a debt of gratitude.


We have many “Thank Yous” that are in order, but we could never have started The Cloverleaf School as soon as we did without the kindness of these folks in our community.

We will continue to look forward to trips to our First Home, even as we pack and prepare to move to our new home.



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