Aug 18

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Counting Our Blessings at Cloverleaf: The Howard School

As most of you know, The Cloverleaf School opened in January of this year.  Perhaps the most striking thing we remarked on at the outset was the INCREDIBLE openheartedness and welcoming engagement of the special needs community in the Atlanta area.  Every event we attended (starting with the Kids Enabled Resource Fair!), we were thanked for arriving on the scene and told what a huge need there was.  We also heard over and over again, “Let us know what we can do to help!”


And they weren’t kidding!


The generosity we’ve experienced has flowed from innumerable sources and from all directions.  You might think the schools in our community are all scrapping over students to attend their schools, but you would be wrong!  For one thing, every school has their own focus and approach, and different things work for different learners.  All in all, the sense of camaraderie and collegiality is overwhelming.  By supporting each other’s missions and goals, we all grow stronger.


Which is how our little school found itself the beneficiary of the generosity of another, larger, far more well-established special needs school, The Howard School.  The Howard School educates “students with language learning disabilities and differences.”  Established in 1950, Howard is well-known and well-loved, with good reason.  In fact, our own Ms. Jessie came to us from them!  While there may occasionally be some overlap in our student populations, the specificity of their mission and the vast need for primary special education means there’s plenty of need for all the available services!


Howard has generously donated three (count ’em–3!) overhead projectors, an office copier, a much-needed printer, books for our fledgling library, and wonderful curriculum materials.


Here’s one of our kids editing a poem for a language arts project on one of the overhead projectors.


Using these gives students another medium which keeps instruction fresh and novel. It’s amazing how much more exciting it is to work on writing when you see it projected larger than life!


So, a big Thank You to The Howard School!  We hope to “pay it forward” to another new school someday, to further enrich this wonderful special needs education community!




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