Jul 03

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Counting our Blessings: Zerorez

In our world today, gigantic, fast-paced, temporary, and constantly changing as it is, there’s not necessarily a concrete reason for people to be nice to one another. To reach out in kindness and generosity. There’s even less of an obvious reason if you are a business.

Businesses exist to make money and giving services away is only tenuously linked to the making of money.

Erik Anderson, Thank YOU!

All the more reason why we were blown away by Zerorez (http://www.zerorezatlanta.com/) when they offered to come and clean our carpets to liberate them from what appeared to be decades of dirt! The manager who came out to visit us, Erik Anderson, could not have been more helpful.

Their technician who came out, Howard Johnson (and Thank YOU, Howard!), was absolutely lovely.  He went above and beyond the call of duty to get at every square inch of carpet and extract every bit of stain from our floors.

So, as we count our blessings and move into our new space, here’s to ZEROREZ! We look tons better and our carpet is clean as well as chemical-free–all thanks to you.

We sure do appreciate that.



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