Jul 12

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Creating Opportunities: The Georgia Private School Tax Credit

With the countless choices we make daily,¬† it can be easy to take all of our options for granted. I don’t think twice about the selection of milk at my local grocery store– whole, skim, organic, quart, gallon, chocolate, soy. I choose the organic. To deposit a check into my bank account, I can see a teller, use the ATM, scan and email, and even text a picture! I like the ATM. Frankly, there are times I find myself relieved to have limited choices, like when my laundry is backed up and I have one pair of clean khakis left. At least I know what I’m wearing that day. :)

As the administrative director of The Cloverleaf School, I speak with parents daily who are searching for an educational environment to meet their child’s needs. Often, these parents are in distress, helpless as their children struggle in school. And I know the feeling. Raising a daughter with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss, ADHD, and IED, I have experienced the heartbreak of meltdowns, phone calls, and those parent-teacher conferences that make you wilt inside. My husband and I are fortunate enough, with the help of family, to be able to send our middle schooler to a private school where the student to teacher ratio is small, the teachers are invested, and the program¬† is specialized for kids with ADHD, Asperger’s, autism, and learning disabilities. My daughter has flourished and I cannot be more grateful to have the option to send her there.

But what about the families out there who cannot afford that choice? Let me give you some hope. State law HB1133 has enabled Georgia taxpayers to redirect tax dollars to participating private schools to create scholarships. This program provides Georgia children who might not otherwise have the opportunity to receive a private education. Through our partnership with the Apogee Scholarship Fund, The Cloverleaf School is able to offer students entering PreK, Kindergarten, or 1st grade, or coming from a public, home, or charter school, a need-based scholarship to offset the cost of tuition. We are thrilled to participate in this amazing program that offers families the power of choice.

For more information about the Georgia Private School Tax Credit, visit the Department of Education’s page here.

To find out how to redirect your tax dollars, at no cost, to The Cloverleaf School, click here.





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