Nov 12

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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions


As human beings, we make decisions every day.  In fact, on most days, we probably make dozens or even hundreds of decisions.  Some of these decisions are smaller  — such as whether to go with strawberry or blueberry yogurt.  Other decisions are big decisions.  What should I be for Halloween? Where should I send my child to school?  No matter the enormity or minuteness of a decision, there seems to always be the possibility that we might choose incorrectly. How do we know?  I would like to tell you about an enormous decision I had to make recently and how I know that I absolutely made the right decision.

Last year, I taught in a K-1 classroom for Amit Atlanta.  I loved Amit and all of my students, parents, and peers.  Sadly, after 11 years of serving the community of children with special needs, Amit closed its doors.  I was heartbroken.  Mostly, I was heartbroken for the students and families.  Where would these amazing children find an education that was just right for them? Where would the parent turn for support in making these decisions?  My heartbreak for these families turned to hope as I had the privilege to go out on tours of different schools with the parents of my students.  After soothing my fears for the students and families, a different realization finally sank in — I needed to find a teaching job.  For some reason, I was not overly anxious.  I don’t know how to explain the sense of calm I felt and the assurance that I would find where I belonged.  I did fear that I was going crazy because normally, when faced with impending unemployment and financial insecurity, people freak out at least a teeny bit, right?

In my mind, I saw myself working for the public school system in an inclusion classroom.  Well, that’s not what happened.  With a little over a month remaining before the new school year, one of my previous student’s parents e-mailed me and told me I HAD to apply at The Cloverleaf School of Atlanta.  I wasn’t familiar with their program, but looked it up online.  I submitted my resume and came in for an interview.  Well, all of my preconceptions and images of my future disappeared as I walked through the building.  I was greeted warmly by Katherine and escorted to the classroom where I was to teach a lesson to some pretty adorable kindergarten and first grade students.  I fell in love with Cloverleaf on the spot!  I went from being interested to being hooked.  Everyone was so nice and I could see the passion for education on each of the teachers’ faces.  I instinctively knew that this small start-up school was the place for me.  Later that week, I received a lucrative offer from a public elementary school that has a great reputation in the state.  I debated for all of five minutes.  Cloverleaf it was!

Some people in my circle questioned my decision:  “What if it doesn’t succeed?” “Public schools pay better,” etc. etc.  My response to all of them was the same — I just have a feeling.

Turns out my feeling was correct.  How do I know?

1. I smile when I enter the school each day.

2. I laugh at least six times each before noon each day.

3. I have a voice and Cloverleaf allows me to use that voice.

4. Cloverleaf encourages my creativity inside and outside of the classroom.

5. The students are amazing!

I’m not always sure about my decisions, but I know for a fact I made the right one in choosing Cloverleaf.  Cloverleaf is the right place for me….could it be right for you?






To learn more about our newest Cloverleaf teacher, check out Ms. Emily Morgan’s Bio!

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