Jun 20

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Do Unto Otters: A Book About Manners

How do you become a good friend and a good neighbor? Well, Laurie Keller has got answers to these tough questions! I have read this book, Do Unto Otters: A Book About Manners by Laurie Keller many, many times and love it. I just had to share!


Mr. Rabbit’s new neighbors are Otters. But he doesn’t know anything about Otters. Will they get along? Will they be friends? Mr. Rabbit is worried that he might not get along with his new neighbors. A wise owl gives him the advice, “Do unto otters as you would have otters do unto you” and proceeds to explain what this means. The book then goes on to list traits and qualities such as friendliness, politeness, honesty, consideration, cooperation, and sharing. Each one contains humorous examples of Mr. Rabbit and the Otters following those rules. 


Developing social skills requires special strategies. At The Cloverleaf School, we use children’s literature as a tool to teach, introduce, and practice social skills.  Do Unto Otters is a wonderful children’s book that helps children with social and emotional challenges learn to understand manners and social norms. It does an excellent job giving examples of how to practice manners and also models how one might exhibit these suggested traits and qualities, while providing some chuckles along the way.


Teaching children strategies to help develop social skills is the key to helping them succeed in life.  Children with social and emotional challenges often need more explanation and practice to pick up on social cues and societal norms. This book also shows how it helps to be friendly, honest, apologetic which are often very hard lessons to teach.



Now Mr. Rabbit and the Otters are hardly serious, but that’s what makes this book worth reading. It will keep kids with attentional issues engaged and wanting to read more. It will also keep them laughing.  At The Cloverleaf School, we know that our kids need concrete examples of how to abide by rules, as well as daily practice in good manners, to be able to demonstrate these traits and qualities themselves.  We will use this book as a point of reference, referring back to it during social skills units and during class discussions, which allows for our students to make lasting connections.


Check out a cute little preview for this book here!


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Happy Reading! :)




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  1. Alison Ratner, LCSW

    Yet again Sarah, love this book!
    I have a few really good ones that I’ve gotten recently as well. We’ll have to exchange book information.
    Thanks for sharing!

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