May 06

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Dr. Susan Campbell Anderson. Co-Founder. Sammy’s Mom.

Dr. Susan Campbell Anderson’s experience with exceptional learning programs stretches back more than thirty years. As a member of the first graduating class of The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, she learned much both firsthand and from teachers and administrators about the intensive task of putting together from scratch a school for students with distinctive educational needs. She served both as a teacher and a resident advisor with Duke University’s Talent Identification Program. Later, she taught with Emory University’s Pre-College Program, aimed at giving prospective students with learning challenges a leg up before their official matriculation at Emory.


Susan holds degrees from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Oxford University, and Emory University. Originally a scholar of English Renaissance studies, her work has led her increasingly into the areas of science fiction, film and popular culture, and disability studies. She recently left her job as a professor at Spelman College, where she was recognized with the Vulcan Teaching Award, to devote more time to her children. In addition to her involvement with The Cloverleaf School, she now works as a curriculum and accreditation consultant.

As the mother of three special needs kids, she has had extensive experience on both “sides” of the educational experience, giving her unique insight into kids’ needs and how they can be met. Coupled with this, is her sense of adventure and being “game!”  When she chaperoned our kids to the Fernbank Museum and then to a new park in the Old Fourth Ward, it re-enforced for her how important active, hands-on learning is for our students, and how much they benefit from varied experiences and incorporating physical activity into their day.

Susan's youngest son is currently receiving therapy for feeding issues. His new favorite: red pepper hummus on whole wheat bread!

In large part, Susan is to thank for our recent full accreditation (with flying colors–bypassing “provisional” accreditation, straight to “full!”), but her contribution to The Cloverleaf School is far greater than that.  Her practical wisdom as a parent and experience in academia have been integral in shaping this school and in envisioning the thing we hope it becomes.


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  1. Judy Curlee

    Susan, Cloverleaf School sounds amazing. Two of my three teenagers have learning issues, so I know the struggles. Quo vadis?

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