Dec 14

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Gifting Guide: Cloverleaf Kids Top 10 Favorites

Need a few last minute gift ideas for the kiddos in your life? Look no further. We Cloverleaf teachers and staff put our heads together and jotted down the 10 most popular items amongst our elementary students, and in no particular order, here they are!

Snap Cubes may very well be a math manipulative (and a great concrete helper for homework), but that doesn’t stop our kids from using them to create all kinds of unique structures and patterns. These are a popular choice for quiet free time when students finish their classwork.


Superflex and the Team of Unthinkables is a Social Thinking curriculum that gives kids strategies to regulate their behavior when facing challenges like “getting stuck,” working with distractions, over-reacting, and more. The members of the Team of Unthinkables give these challenges a name and makes them easier to identify– which our kids love! One of our older kids has balked, but the majority have really taken to the series and use the language in the classroom.

¬†Yes. You are right. If you live in town, Cartersville is quite a trek. But if you know a kid who loves space, wants to know how things work and move, or would love to dig for fossils, get him or her down to Tellus Science Museum! We’ve taken our students to Tellus twice, and the second time we knew to make it a full day event. There is tons to see and do–the only downside is your child may not want to leave.


These small, colorful sand lizards are not only fun for play, but they make great hand fidgets in the classroom, too. Something about the sand gives these little animals a weight and texture our students really like. They have quickly become one of the most popular fidgets!

While we are talking about small animals, we should tell you–the smaller, the better! Who knew how much our kids would enjoy playing with tiny dinosaurs, farm animals, and sea creatures? These are wonderful for imaginative play, sorting and categorizing, as well as handy to fidget with inside a pants’ pocket.

Whenever there’s a top 10 with kids involved, there must be building implements! These cardboard bricks are large, extremely durable, and can be used to stack towers, construct race tracks, and build a solid fort. A Cloverleaf parent donated our first set, dismissing them as “some old blocks.” Well, those blocks have been treasured, beloved, and very well used–so thank you, Yara!

Former school counselor turned best-selling author Julia Cook writes some seriously awesome social skills literature. Our students really get into her books– especially after Julia came to visit Cloverleaf to do a reading!– and they especially like the ones featuring RJ, a spunky character with whom most our guys and girls can relate. Check out the broad variety of topics Julia covers in all her books!

When one of our amazing volunteers, Ms. Carol (who is a retired teacher), donated a huge bin full of books and supplies, we were elated! What we didn’t know was that the folding puzzle cube inside would be such a hit with the kids. This cube is easily manipulated and folded in so many ways that it makes a great quiet free time activity. Or it can be used as a fidget!

I was always under the impression that Playmobil was mainly for preschool age children. Well, whoever it’s meant for doesn’t really matter, because our students love these little sets of people, vehicles, and scenes (even the fourth and fifth graders)! They provide great opportunities for imaginative and cooperative play.

And last, if you’re in the metro Atlanta area and have not been to Sensations TheraFun, your munchkins are missing out on a fabulous multisensory play experience. Cloverleaf students’ favorites are the bike and scooter track, the web swing, the sensory room with super awesome visual equipment, and (of course) the zip line into a ball pit. Get ’em a pass, a membership, or even book their birthday party there!

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