Apr 26

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Gregory Dobrasz. Co-Founder. Oscar’s Dad.

Greg has had just about every job imaginable under the sun. He has worked on construction sites.  He has worked at vineyards. He has bartended.  He has run cross-county and track at the elite level.  He was a lawyer for a while.  He wrote a novel, but hasn’t been able to get it published… yet.  Greg never found his groove until he stopped collecting a paycheck, slowed down, and stayed home to raise a kid. That kid turned out to be really different.  So a three year stint turned into close to seven years, but who’s counting?


Greg and Oscar have had hundreds of hours of speech and occupational therapy together.  The therapy, it turns out, was good for both of them.  Once Oscar was on firm footing and didn’t need a parent at home full-time any longer, Greg had to figure out what to do with his life.  Law was out of the question. And the wife would not allow him to go back to bartending.  So his love of fine things, fashion and helping people resulted in him pursuing the next logical career on his strange, winding path:

Greg is now a co-school founder and a hairdresser.

His unique sensibilities have shaped his son, Oscar’s, education for years, as he explains in All Things in Moderation, and now they are helping to shape education offered at The Cloverleaf School. As a stay at home dad, he also met other parents navigating through the special needs world, many of whom have become friend and allies of The Cloverleaf School.  For example, after spending many hours and many a birthday party at Sensations Therafun, Jay Perkins was an obvious possible resource when originally looking for a home for the school.  He generously offered to let us start up the school in his facility, which was a tremendous boon, as Greg relates in A Warm Thanks.


Greg’s belief that kids can learn, if given the opportunity and the right environment, spurred him on to do something “crazy”: he started a school with some like-minded folks with their hearts in the right places. He’d like to think that, once again, this simply proves that the “crazy” thing is often exactly what’s called for.

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