Jan 30

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Happy 100th Day of School!

Friday was the monumental 100th day of the academic year!  We celebrated the occasion with “100”-themed learning throughout the day.  We kicked off the festivities with students sharing their collections of 100 items of their choice, brought in from home.

Bryson was particularly proud of his DVD collection:

Next, students completed writing prompts about the number 100.

For snack time, we all contributed ingredients for a shared, trail-mix-style treat.  Each of us brought in 20 marshmallows, cereal pieces, blueberries, dried cranberries, or granola bits.

I’m excited to say every Cloverleaf student at least tried every part of the mixture.  We’ve set a new goal:  At Cloverleaf School, we try new things EVERY day!  I’ve been proud to see the students rise to the occasion and venture outside their comfort zones.

In handwriting class, students used whiteboards to practice proper number formation for #1-100.  (We counted by 10’s once we got past 0-9!)

The final themed challenge of the day was a scavenger hunt all about the number 100, designed by the fantastic Ms. Emily.  Students solved math problems, had a counting relay race on bikes, and skip-counted while participating in several physical activities.  As a team, they even formed the #100 with their bodies!

As an educator, I’m thankful to teach in a flexible environment in which we can enjoy a fun day of learning around a chosen theme.  I think we all had a great 100th day of school!

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  1. Julie Smith

    Such pics! Such cuties!

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