May 03

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Help Wanted: Designing Our New Space

Last week, we announced that Cloverleaf will soon be moving into a bigger space at Peachtree Baptist Church.  Most notably, our new location houses four large classrooms lined with windows, a large room that will be a dedicated sensory gym, a media center, and green space where we plan to construct play equipment, zip lines, and our garden.  Our brilliant teachers and board members, our dedicated families, and the wonderful professionals we work with all bring engaging and functional design ideas to the table, but we also want to hear from you- the parents, educators, and professionals of our community.  What are the physical details your child most values in school?  What sensory or play equipment could your practice just not live without?  Draw some inspiration from the blank canvases below and tell us what you think!


Our Classrooms

      • What colors do you think make a classroom warm and welcoming?
  • What are some ideas on how to divide space in a longer classroom?
  • What physical classroom materials does your child most talk about at home?
  • What are your teacher classroom essentials?
  • What do you like least about how your classroom is set up?



Our Media Center

  • What are some aspects that have stood out to you in libraries and media centers you’ve seen?
  • What is the main role of the media center at your school?
  • Are there things you wish your media center had?
  • What does your child like most about his school media center or library?
  • What items in the media center go unused?



Our Sensory Room

  • What types of sensory equipment most help your child to regulate?
  • What are your go-to sensory activities in therapy?
  • If you could build a sensory room from scratch, what’s the first piece of equipment you would choose?
  • What piece of equipment would you advise someone not to purchase?



Our Green Space

  • What is the first thing your child runs to when you go to the playground?
  • What is most popular piece of equipment on your school playground?
  • What is the least popular piece of equipment?
  • What do you grow in your garden that is guaranteed to grow?



So, really, tell it like it is.  We really want to know!

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