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Integrating Technology into the Classroom

As a lead teacher at Cloverleaf, I believe part of our job is to prepare students for the 21st century. This means integrating technology into the classroom. Not only are most students highly interested in learning with technology, but by integrating technology into the classroom, students also learn skills that will be required of them one day when they begin their careers.James Blog

Some examples of how technology has been integrated into our classroom this year are: blogging, wikis, screencasts, iPad apps, Pages, Speech Dictation, Keynote, Prezi, and creating platform based websites. Some of our favorite iPad apps are: Adobe Voice, Splash Math, Osmo, and News-O-Matic. As a school, we use iCloud, as a way to save our work in the “cloud” and share or finish it later. We also use Google Drive to communicate with parenStudent Osmots and house important documents.

Many students have taken initiative in using technology in personal projects. One student, in particular, has created his own business website with a blog and store. Another student has shown interest in star constellations and wants to learn how to use a telescope. Another student got a Kindle over the holiday break and now brings it to class to download and read books. Lastly, a student enjoyed our school Osmo so much, that he asked for one for Christmas.

Students at Cloverleaf continue to amaze me with their new technology devices and how easily they learn how to use them. While this is very different from when I went to school, I can’t help but see all the positives. Our students are full of great potential and with the knowledge of technology, they will only reach their goals sooner.

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