Feb 16

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Is Your Kid a Cloverleaf Kid?


What a great question!  We’re glad you asked.


With any school and with any student, it’s all about FIT. Here are some characteristics of the students who would most benefit from our unique and supportive approach.

A Cloverleaf kid:

  • Has likely struggled (academically and/or socially and emotionally) in traditional educational settings
  • May have been diagnosed with AD/HD, a developmental disability, or learning or processing disorder
  • Flourishes in a sensory-sensitive environment with ample opportunities for sensory regulation
  • Benefits from small class size and highly engaging multisensory instruction
  • Performs at or within one year of his or her grade level
  • Often benefits from direct instruction to learn social and pragmatic skills
  • Is curious, active, verbal, and physically independent


As for whether our program is the best fit for your child, here are some primary characteristics of our school:

  • We have a highly academic program–standards-based, with at least 2 hours of daily language instruction and around 40 minutes of daily math instruction, as well as a balanced focus on other academic subjects.
  • Our academic day is as rigorous as a typical school’s, but with more supports, modifications, and accommodations in place to meet students’ needs and help them succeed.
  • We provide enrichment opportunities for students to learn and explore outside the academic subjects.
  • We teach in small groups, but do some things in a large group setting to help students gain skills to be successful in a large group as well.
  • We go out into the community to practice safety and social skills in various environments.
  • We deliver a multisensory, hands-on, highly engaging curriculum to reach a variety of learners.
  • We use an easy-to-understand positive behavior reinforcement system consistently throughout the school, which encourages students to increase self-managing their behavior.  We modify the behavior system as needed to accommodate individual needs.
  • We provide in-classroom opportunities for students to self-advocate and self-regulate.
  • We use activity and our sensory space to help our students learn how their “engines work” and how to get them “just right.”
  • We create individual learner profiles to help identify students’ needs and learning style, and to help them self-advocate.
  • Perhaps most importantly, we meet students where they are, and push them to where they can be!!

Quo Vadis?  Where are YOU going? 


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