Jun 06

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Julie, Board Member

I graduated from the University of South Carolina with a major in Theatre many years ago.

Me, circa 1993. Pretty in Pink. The Guy? He's on a horse.


It sure was fun, but I later found a more profitable career as a “computer person.” (I’m actually a database and ETL developer, but that’s usually TMI for most folks).


The best acquisition from my life in the Theatre was my husband Ken. He and I had a couple of kids, and one of them turned out to have a wicked case of ADHD, dyslexia, and some major mood issues.


In my journey as a special needs parent, I’ve experienced the gambit of reactions to my son. I have of course, run into cretins who have no belief in behavior disorders and choose to level their judgment on me as a parent. Happily those encounters, while painful, are rare. What I focus on are the extraordinary teachers, therapists, and parents whom I’ve met since I started seeking help for my son. Some of them were so extraordinary that I accidentally started a fantastic school with them, where I am fortunate to serve as a board member.


Running a school is very challenging, and luckily I do not bear the brunt of the burden at Cloverleaf. As a board member, I help when and where I can with my combination of Theatre and Computer skills. I used my previous costuming experience to work with the kids on a sewing project, and I help with our website’s infrastructure (I’m not the main talent behind our beautiful site, though, that would be Jen!). Mostly what I feel like I do the most of is sitting in absolute awe at the skills and talents of our teachers and administrative director.

Costuming Skilz. We haz em.

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