Sep 23

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More Than Just a Grade

As a new teacher at Cloverleaf, I have noticed several differences while making the transition from a traditional public school district to our school; one is the method of assessing student work. In public school, I have been used to working with a more traditional grading system. Students would complete assignments, and without much consideration, would immediately be given a scaled score based on right and wrong answers. My time at Cloverleaf has educated me in a different way of assessing student work. This way includes the students in the process and also empowers them to take ownership of their work.

How is this accomplished? Through the use of student-led assessments, student portfolios, and student-led conferences.

Cloverleaf Student Work TagsAt Cloverleaf, we’ve established a tagging system that takes the place of the traditional grading system. The tags allow the students to give their work a title, check the level of support, express whether it was done in a group or independently, and finally, tell how they felt about their work. Our students receive an education that comes full circle. This is one way that we can make feedback more meaningful and most importantly, create an environment where students take ownership of their education. While the teachers still instruct, they also take on the role of a facilitator, guiding students in where they want their education to take them.

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