Jul 21

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Life is a Dance!

Kelle Hampton is one of my favorite photographers who writes a beautiful blog that I read religiously.  She has the most honest and amazing perspective on life.  She unexpectedly gave birth two years ago to a little girl with Down syndrome.  She later wrote a memoir about embracing life and really living it. I had to share a bit of her  writing and perspective, as it gives me so much hope, inspiration and motivation to help make change.  Kelle is always writing about hope, which inspired me think more about how powerful hope really is. Hope is the fuel that makes positive change. Enjoy her writing and this awesome video!! I hope you dance!


Kelle Hampton’s Blog Post:



I have an idea, and it’s starting to grow. It needs more time, but it stems from the surge of emotions I have leaving Fred’s on Tuesday nights. Fred’s is a local family friendly restaurant/bar in Naples that designates Tuesday Nights as special needs dance nights. And while some people can argue that designated “special needs” events single out individuals with special needs even more, I’d like to invite them to Fred’s on Tuesday night. I haven’t yet been to an event that erases the line between differently abled individuals any more than this. It’s reality, and it happens every week. And Fred’s on Tuesdays? Honestly, I don’t know who it’s really for–people with obvious special needs or people with hidden ones–like me–who come to have fun and let loose and leave a bit more desensitized to our disabilities and enlightened of the great range of abilities that make us all unique.

I’ve thought a lot after writing Bloom about how things will change in the coming years. How will I advocate for Nella and her friends? What will our journey of acceptance and paying it forward look like as Nella gets older? How can I change stereotypes and challenge people to think differently? What experiences will we face and how will I continue to grow and learn more about myself, my children and the world around me?

These are questions we all ask, even if our children don’t carry an extra chromosome. And for me, on Tuesday nights, these questions are beginning to make a lot more sense.

Watch and learn.


 To read more of Kelle’s Blog go to: www.kellehampton.com

or read her fabulous book Bloom: Finding the Beauty in the Unexpected

You won’t be able to put it down!



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