Feb 13

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Math Activity with FREE PRINTABLE!

My students recently studied the reciprocal relationship between multiplication and division. 20131122_132535_HDR To practice, they looked at picture cards showing either an “equal groups” model or an “array” model.  I created the picture cards using images from our Singapore Math curriculum books.  Alternatively, a google image search for “multiplication equal groups” or “multiplication arrays” will yield usable models for picture cars.  Just print, cut, and laminate.  We discussed the cards together, using multiplication language and division language.


Next, they recorded multiplication and division sentences for each picture.  I have been using “shop ticket holders” as reusable dry-erase pouches for our recording sheets in class.  (Love them!  They are a comparable but more affordable alternative to the popular reusable dry-erase worksheet pouches sold at teacher supply stores.  #teacherhack)  Students enjoy the ease of dry-erase, and it allows for more practice with less paper wasted.

You can download a free printable of our recording sheet by clicking the image of it below.  Enjoy!

Mult-Div Recording Sheet

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