Apr 24

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On the move!

Call the Movers!

Well, we certainly hadn’t PLANNED to move our brand, spanking-new school within our first year of educating students, but we weren’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth, either!  The rate of projected growth just couldn’t be accommodated where we are now in Sensations Therafun, so we had to start looking elsewhere far sooner than we anticipated we would. What an exciting dilemma!


The fabulous outcome of this search is a much bigger space at Peachtree Baptist (at the corner of Briarcliff and Lavista), where we will have more than double the classrooms, a playground, and some amazing greenspace.   We are also going to be able to create a dedicated media center and computer lab, which is particularly nice given the two laptops and desktop units just donated to us by Bisser Dobrev of Emerald Data Networks!


Future Classroom

It’s a bit bittersweet, as we have loved being in Sensations.  The OT equipment, sensory room, and rock wall are all amazing features of a space lovingly crafted by people who really care about special needs kids.



We hope to recreate the aspects we found most critical to our kids, like the ball pits, ziplines, swings, and suspended bodysocks.   The greatest challenge in looking for new space wasn’t the interior space requirements we needed to meet, both in terms of raw square footage and configuration, but the other sensory and physical needs we need to be able to address for our students.  Having greenspace to swing in and garden in is non-negotiable for us!  But we also need to have a sensory room for kids to go to regulate themselves when they are struggling, with space for OT equipment and activity centers.


Therapy Room

Therapy Room--Artist's Rendering!

Fortunately, we have found all this and more in the space we are moving to at Peachtree Baptist.  We will make the transition in July, after Camp Cloverleaf is over, with plenty of time to be up and running for the first day of school on August 6th!

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