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Elementary School

Math WorkElementary School Program Overview

With Quo Vadis? (Where are you going?) as our school motto, the Cloverleaf elementary program serves to prepare students in grades K-4th for their next destination by utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach that constantly balances challenge with support in academic, physical, and social-emotional arenas.

Students engage in 90 minutes of daily language arts instruction as well as 60 minutes of daily math instruction and practice. In addition to academics, students receive daily social skills instruction and participate weekly in inquiry-based, student-led collaborative projects. Teachers facilitate students in learning cycles for which they collectively create goals, set criteria, and receive feedback. Throughout this process, students self-reflect to monitor their own social and academic progress.

Students are strategically grouped with a variety of students throughout the day, with no more than six students in an academic class. We carefully examine many aspects, such as age and current ability, to determine academic, social skills, and enrichment groupings. Groupings are also flexible to accommodate for student growth.

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Elementary Program Components Each school day at Cloverleaf includes morning meeting and calendar time, rigorous academics, social skills class, designated movement times, and enrichment activities.   Morning Meeting Following drop-off on the playground, each day begins with a morning meeting. All elementary students come together to greet, share, and interact with their peers. Morning meeting …

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Students in our elementary program have an enrichment class every day. Enrichment is a time for students to showcase their strengths and develop new interests. Introducing new experiences also gives students an opportunity to identify activities that help calm and regulate them, such as yoga, sports, or painting. At The Cloverleaf School, we rotate our …

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Social & Emotional Development

We recognize that our student population not only has academic challenges, but social and emotional challenges as well. In order to best teach each student we have integrated remediation of social deficits into the structure of each day. The social and emotional component of our program has two parts: individualized and explicit Social Skills instruction …

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Of all the things schools and teachers do, perhaps one of the most important is figuring out how best to teach students.  These days, that has to include assessing technologies and adapting them to classroom use. There’s a lot of buzz out there about iPads and apps, and almost every kid you meet can very …

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