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Students in our elementary program have an enrichment class every day. Enrichment is a time for students to showcase their strengths and develop new interests. Introducing new experiences also gives students an opportunity to identify activities that help calm and regulate them, such as yoga, sports, or painting. At The Cloverleaf School, we rotate our enrichment activities every 6-8 weeks. We think it’s important for students to have exposure to a variety of experiences and we understand the importance of novelty in order to keep students engaged.


Buddy Time96

Twice each week, Cloverleaf elementary students participate in a student-directed, inquiry-based learning enrichment period called Buddy Time. This class is based solely on student interests, so you can imagine the vast variety of topics explored over the years! The student whose topic is chosen leads the class through the inquiry cycle and determines how learning will be shown and presented to the rest of the school. Presentations can be as varied as the topics, from students creating Prezis to performing puppet shows. Participating in Buddy Time builds students’ experience with group project work, leadership, and presenting to a large group. It is also a huge confidence booster!



Led by Cloverleaf’s resident outdoor expert Mr. Jason Teufel, elementary students embark on hiking adventures every week. Students explore all the trails Atlanta has to offer, from Mason Mill Park to Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area. In addition to the movement and connecting with nature benefits, Mr. Jason engages students in motor-planning and team-building challenges such as ropes courses and group games.


Other Enrichment Activities Include

Art     Yoga     Music     Sports     Gardening     Drama     Technology

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