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Jason Teufel, AfterSchool Coordinator & Enrichment Teacher

Jason Teufel, AfterSchool Coordinator & Enrichment Teacher

Jason Teufel is an Atlanta native, having grown up in Decatur, GA.  He is an avid soccer player who discovered his passion for teaching as a youth soccer coach.  He quickly made the connection between sports skills and social development.  With this in mind, he founded and facilitated multiple sports programs around the city for children with special needs, one of which was highlighted on 11 Alive News at Sensations Therafun in 2011.  These programs create a low-stress, high-success environment using sports skills to build children’s confidence and create team camaraderie.  He continues to be a strong leader in the special needs community utilizing sports as a way to promote healthy living.

Jason is also an experienced hiker and camper and began working with Outdoor Rec. Adventures with founder, Chris Zelski , in creating small group-based outdoor programs for children with sensory-based special needs.   The program is very successful at drawing a connection between children and the world around them while at the same time improving their physical, social, and emotional health.  This success has recently drawn the attention of the producers at the Oprah Network and their program, “It Takes a Village.”  Outdoor Rec. Adventures was asked to facilitate the Atlanta edition of this program which will air in September.   Jason has found the work he does with Outdoor Rec. Adventures to be particularly rewarding as it weaves his passion for teaching with his love for nature.

For the past 7 years,  Jason has worked with children with various types of neurological behavioral and spectrum disorders.  In that time he has taken on many titles including Program Coordinator, Enrichment Teacher, Community Sports Coordinator, and Director of After School programming.  He uses his training in the Alert Program and Dr. Stanley Greenspan’s DIR/Floortime Model in his teaching.   He is looking forward to bringing his experience and enthusiasm to The Cloverleaf School, in his role as Aftercare Coordinator.

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