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Trevor Garner, Lead Support and Enrichment Teacher

Trevor Garner

An Atlanta native, Trevor has always followed his dreams. Trevor set off to college dead set on a major in sculpture and a career in Special FX make-up for film. In 2007, he secured an internship with Toby Sells Creature Make-up FX shop as a sculptor. Hoping the knowledge of hair would aid him in his work with FX make-up, Trevor also worked as an assistant in a salon. From there, the fates intervened, and he took on an 18-month apprenticeship with Master Cosmetologist Clay Eaton, emerging a licensed cosmetologist. As luck would have it, being a new stylist he was often assigned kids’ cuts and youth clients. That was where Trevor first discovered his ability to communicate and work with children, and the rewards therein. It was also through the salon industry that Trevor was introduced to working with children with special needs. Each year, Trevor was a volunteer stylist for Day of Beauty, a non-profit charity event that provides free hair care to children with special needs and their teachers and caregivers.

Around the same time, Trevor left the Creature Shop to pursue a childhood dream: acting. Growing up, he would often dress as his favorite comic book or action hero and leap around the house “saving the day.” With a background in Martial Arts and plenty of experience in make-believe, it was only fitting that Trevor’s first on-screen appearances were as a stunt performer. To further develop his stunt work, Trevor began gymnastics training with In Flight Gymnastics in December of 2009. Two years later he stepped in as a coach, and he launched the Boys Acrobatics Program at In Flight. Through In Flight Gymnastics and the gym’s connections with Cirque Du Monde, Trevor -who is also trained in circus acrobatics- coached a summer Circus Camp at The Howard School in 2011, where he continues to work with In Flight Gymnastics to provide circus arts afterschool and summer programs. In 2013, In Flight Gymnastics hosted the City of Atlanta’s Camp Best Friends, and Trevor was one of the head coaches responsible for gymnastics education. He also has fairly extensive volunteer experience with day cares and Sunday school classes for children with special needs. Trevor holds certifications in CPR, First Aid, AED, Personal Fitness Training, and Cosmetology, and is an AAU Certified Youth Freestyle Gymnastics Coach. In addition to joining the Cloverleaf team, Trevor has recently begun working with The Welch Martial Arts Experience as a Youth Martial Arts instructor. Trevor still pursues his other dream of acting, co-owns his own independent film production company, and is the drummer and singer for a local blues-rock band.

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