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Our Story

Before we were The Cloverleaf School, we were four families brought together by the shared experience of raising a child with neurological processing differences and sensing that something was missing in Atlanta: an elementary school that could not only know, and nurture, and cherish our kids, but also call out from them the miraculous variety of capacities they bring to the classroom every morning.

We didn’t want them further scarred by well-intentioned “red light” systems that only taught them that the inability to keep still is a character flaw.

We did not want the multiple dimensions of their intelligence reduced to a superficial measure of their ability to perform rote activities.

We did not want to surrender them to benign holding tanks that supported their social growth by accepting them as they are but did not know how to simultaneously stoke an active love of learning that could help them become all they are capable of being.

In our struggle to find something better, we were no different than tens of thousands of families across the US who search to find the right school for their children with neurobehavioral differences. But we had one advantage few other families had: we knew who we wanted to teach our kids, and the educators we had seen connect most deeply and think most innovatively about their development wanted to teach them. We had the kids. We knew the teachers. The only thing missing was the school that would create the conditions under which the teachers would be free to invent the optimal curriculum for their students. So we took a leap of faith, together, and founded that school January of 2012.

And that’s how four sets of parents found themselves suddenly well underway to creating a school where teachers who love to teach, teach children to love to learn.

100 days

We take “Quo Vadis?” (Where are you going?) as our motto because we believe every child’s outcome can be influenced and is not a predetermined and immutable destiny.  We are dedicated to creating the conditions in which children can thrive and reach their fullest potential.

We believe that, as lifelong learners, we may all be going in different directions, but we all have bright and fulfilling futures ahead of us. We are committed to discerning and tapping into the talent and insight of our students, our teachers, and our families to make sure each of us finds his or her best road and travels it with hope and joy as well as effort.


Our core values (or 4 Cs) are reflected in the characteristics of our students. Cloverleaf students are:





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