Mar 28

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Our Ms. Emily

Emily Swindall, Teacher, Educational Director

Emily Swindall is an Atlanta native. She received her B.S. in Early Childhood Education from Georgia State University where she was a part of the first dual certification cohort that concentrated on inclusive education. Emily graduated from GSU certified in Early Childhood and Special Education K-12. After finishing her undergraduate degree, Emily jumped right into her M.E. in Special Education which she completed from Grand Canyon University in  2010.

Emily enjoys cooking, spending time outdoors, watching documentaries and exploring new places and cultures. Emily’s trips have taken her across Africa, to the Andes Mountains of Peru, through Scandinavia as well as all around North America. Many of her trips have been focused around serving the local people. Some of her trips have included teaching students about AIDS, constructing clean stoves and chimneys, and teaching a preschool class to orphans displaced by civil war.  Emily says, “Often, working alongside people is the greatest way to hear their stories and share experiences.” Meeting people all over the world has given Emily a unique perspective on the cultural differences and challenges of living in diverse areas across the earth. Her passion for learning about people and places has led to a love for teaching Social Studies where she can share her experiences with her students as they try to understand the complexity of societies across the globe. She’s always planning her next adventure!

Prior to teaching full-time, Emily was a social skills therapist, a preschool facilitator and a community access coach for kids with special needs. Working with families that have children of various ages (two to twenty) has given Emily perspective on the unique challenges that families face as their children grow.

Emily is passionate about equipping students with the tools and strategies they need to have success academically and socially. Emily loves teaching at The Cloverleaf School because she enjoys the opportunity to help students practice social skills throughout the day in a variety of settings as well as infusing movement and multi-sensory experiences into her lessons. Many of Emily’s lessons are project focused; this allows students the opportunity to explore the process, so that at the end they not only have gained knowledge but also an understanding of why “that makes sense.”

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