Apr 18

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Our Ms. Sarah


   Sarah Stine, Teacher

Sarah was raised in Ohio and attended the University of Findlay.  While attending Findlay, Sarah was a college swimmer, studied criminal justice, and looked forward to attending law school after graduation.  Just before graduation, however, Sarah started coaching as a part-time gymnastics instructor and fell in love with teaching and coaching children.  While coaching, Sarah decided to go back to school to become a certified teacher and work towards a Masters in Education.

Sarah then moved to Georgia to teach in Atlanta’s special needs community, where she discovered the profound impact motivated, engaged teachers could have on children with neurobehavioral challenges. Sarah has been trained by the  Orton-Gillingham Institute for Multi-Sensory Education and has a passion for teaching Language Arts to children with learning differences. She also coaches competitive compulsory gymnastics at the Atlanta Gymnastics Center in Decatur.

Sarah is a dedicated educator who is always looking for new ways to shape the learning experiences of children, and to find their interests to fuel their eagerness to learn.  She believes deeply in empowering children by building their strengths and teaching them to self-advocate.  As a result, she has spearheaded our use of Learner Profiles.

She is herself an avid reader with an intuitive sense of what reading materials will appeal to different children.  Reading can shape our sense of the world around us and, indeed, ourselves, as she discusses in her blog entry, A Cloverleaf Book Review of There.

Perhaps the most remarkable quality Ms. Sarah possesses is her hope.  Hope for our children’s futures and hope for positive changes in the educational community.   This hope is reflected in her determination that all children be presented with the opportunity to learn and to be challenged.  In short, to learn to love to learn.

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