Jun 17

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Our Wish List

So, I don’t know if you’ve ever started a school before, but I, personally, had not.  Turns out, there’s kind of a lot of STUFF that is required for a school!


If it turns out that the school is designed for kids who need a lot of activity and sensory input, WOW, is there ever a lot more stuff that’s needed!


We are moving into our new space on July 1st and will be getting all set up to start classes at the beginning of August.  As we design the space, we have been compiling a “Wish List.”


The goal is to provide the richest sensory environment we can to our students, which will help them use their bodies and regulate themselves, which will, in turn, help them learn more and attend to their academic work for longer periods of time.


If you want to help build our school’s repertoire of sensory and play equipment, please check out our lists!  We are grateful for any support you can provide, and so are our kids!


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