Mar 27

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Reflecting on Our 1st Spring Concert!

This past Thursday, March 21st, The Cloverleaf School hosted its first annual Spring Concert. The show was a smashing success! There were a total of eleven songs performed by the entire group plus a rock ensemble at the end of the show, which included four out of ten boys. The students had been learning these 11 songs, among others, since the beginning of the school year. After many months of music classes, for Thursday afternoon enrichment, the boys had a chance to show off their talent! One thing that was so special about this show was that every boy in the school had the opportunity for a solo performance, whether it was singing an entire verse by himself or starting a chant in a song.  Parents and friends of the school came out to support these spectacular students, and even cheer them on for an encore at the end!

Over these last six weeks they worked hard getting prepared for the concert and these last three weeks were very intense for the boys as they rehearsed almost every single day! For one of the songs, “If You Should Meet A Crocodile…” the boys made masks to wear for each of the four animals mentioned in the song: a crocodile, an elephant, a stinky skunk, and a polar bear (corresponding to each season of the year). We owe a big “THANK YOU” to Erica Ogawa and Susan Anderson who were amazing in helping the students complete these wonderful animal masks by finding the templates, cutting the pieces out and organizing them so that each student could make his own, unique mask!  Carol Biffle, a retired teacher and regular volunteer at Cloverleaf, also deserves a huge “THANK YOU” for generously offering to play the guitar in the show to add accompaniment for the boys as they sang.

Check out our grand finale:



A week before the show each student wrote a short story about the upcoming concert and drew a picture to go along with it. These pieces were displayed, along with the other concert decorations, and offered a personal touch to the atmosphere.

I cannot adequately express the joy I felt in seeing these boys standing onstage. There are no words for it. I feel so grateful to be working with such an amazing group of students every day! (I truly have the best job in the world!) Seeing these boys stand in front of 30+ people, singing out loud and proud, was absolutely incredible. They worked so hard and dedicated so much time and energy to this performance. I felt so proud watching them up there singing and dancing! Seeing such a huge crowd of loved ones there to support each child as he made his onstage debut was equally moving.

It was a magical night full of excitement, wonderful music and smiles! I absolutely cannot wait for next year when the Cloverleaf School performs its 2nd annual Spring Concert!



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