Jan 15

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Reflections from Student Conferences


Conference time is an exciting time here at Cloverleaf! Students start preparing weeks in advance by gathering and reflecting on work samples, creating and updating individual goals, and sharing with their teachers how they have grown each quarter. The culmination of all this preparation is the sharing of their academic progress and social achievements with their parents.

After we came back from our holiday break, I asked a few students to reflect on their conference experience.

Here are their thoughts:

What was your favorite part of your conference?
“Showing my mom pictures of me doing math.”
“I liked to show mommy my pictures.”
“Showing mom my multiplication.”
“Reading my house story to my parents.”
“Showing my mommy and daddy my Cheerios on my Ch.”

What were you most proud of?
“Doing good at time tables.”
“Doing some great work and asking.”
“Doing my homework.”
“My writing.”
“Learning division fast.”
“My handwriting and writing my name better.”

This quarter, what will you try to do better?
“I’m going to try to follow directions the first time.”
“Do long division.”
“Be nice to everyone, even when it’s hard.”

“Use kind words instead of threatening words.”

“Play with my friends.”

“My new year’s goal is to be nice to everyone and calm down.”

“My new year’s goal is to earn the elevator.”
















The Cloverleaf School educates children with ADHD, high functioning autism, and other learning differences to equip them with the skills needed to navigate the world with confidence.  We take “Quo Vadis” (“where are you going”) as our motto because we believe every child’s outcome can be influenced and is not a predetermined and immutable destiny.



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