Dec 08

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Saying Goodbye to Our Support Teacher Ms. Morgan

Morgan Cox is our amazing support teacher. She’s always there to jump in any time a student needs some extra support. The kids enjoy eating lunch with Ms. Morgan and spending time with her in before-care as well.
She is currently gearing up for graduate school with plans to obtain a Master’s degree and BCBA. Needing a more flexible schedule in order to tackle those career goals, Morgan has accepted a position as a behavior analyst with Spectrum Behavioral Associates in Kennesaw. It is bittersweet for all of us at Cloverleaf–feeling excitement for what the future holds for Morgan, and knowing how much we will miss her.

Morgan joined the Cloverleaf family as a volunteer in the fall of 2012. She was looking for a local school that specialized in educating children with special educational needs. She found us and asked how she could be involved! After she volunteered for several months, we asked her to join our staff as our support teacher in the spring of 2013.

Morgan says, “Each day I look forward to just being able to assist in guiding young minds to their full potential. It makes my day.” Morgan helps facilitate many of the group activities throughout the day, including morning meeting, calendar time, social skills class and enrichment. She says her favorite moments are “Anytime I get to witness the kids’ vast imaginations being expressed. I’m always inspired by the ideas and enthusiasm I feel in those moments.”

As a former camp counselor and active volunteer in the community, Morgan has valuable hands-on experience working with children from a variety of different backgrounds. Throughout college, Morgan volunteered frequently with Hands on Atlanta and signed on as a long term volunteer at Nicholas House, a home dedicated to helping families achieve independence and stability after economic hardship. She assisted directors with coordinating daily activities for the children of these families while the adults participated in life management programs. After graduation, Morgan worked as a camp counselor at Camp Starlight in Northern Pennsylvania. These events helped shape and solidify her desire to play an influential part in our future generation’s lives.

Morgan says, “The Cloverleaf kids have been extremely inspirational for me. They make me want to be a better person and have taught me to further appreciate all of the unique perspectives of our world.”

Ms. Morgan, you have made a tremendous impact here at Cloverleaf, with both students and staff. You will be dearly missed and we fully expect you to visit as often as possible!

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