Aug 09

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Standing at the Crossroads: Who Can Influence the Path Taken?


At The Cloverleaf School, we take Quo Vadis, “where are you going?”, as our motto because we believe every child’s outcome can be influenced and is not predetermined according to their learning differences or lack thereof.  Thirty-three year old Harold Price, a teacher in Florida, seems to have adopted a similar motto.  Harold has Asperger’s Syndrome and teaches kids with developmental disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorders.


“I do believe the kids in my class are going to be capable of a lot of things,” Harold said. “Just give us a chance, just because we learn differently doesn’t mean we are less capable.”


Growing up Harold struggled with social skills  but was exceptionally smart according to his mother, who is also a teacher, Marie Price.

“Harold learned to read very early, it’s not until he was speaking that I realized he knew how to read, that was before age 3,” Marie Price said.

Social skills were harder to grasp, but Price worked at it and eventually got his teaching license. He also helped in his mother’s classroom.  When an opening came up for a teacher at the school, principal Dale Houchin knew Harold would be the best fit. “He isn’t here for anyone but the kids; he has their best interests at heart,” Houchin said.


No one can ever truly measure the power of believing in a child, but Marie’s belief in her son, Harold, empowered and enabled him to, in turn, believe in other children. Harold’s example is an inspiration to all and brings us greater understanding to us, as teachers, both in and out of the classroom.

At The Cloverleaf School, we have shaped our curriculum around our core philosophy that every child is going SOMEWHERE.  As we stand with them at the crossroads each day, our job is to help them decide exactly where they WANT to go.


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