Sep 11

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“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” ~Albert Einstein

At the Cloverleaf School, all of our kids are into exploring and collecting, so we take them hiking inside the perimeter so that they can do what they love with their peers.  They have no idea they are learning, regulating their bodies and practicing working together as a group. They just think that they are having FUN!

As teachers, we come to school each day to enrich the lives of our kids.  The great outdoors helps us do just that. Taking our kids hiking is a simple way to encourage their explorations and deepen their understanding of how the world works. In nature, kids get a chance to move at life’s natural pace, where time disappears, no one is bored, and exploration turns into fun adventure.

Choosing to climb a tree, hang onto a ropes course, jump over a log, skip stones —all of these are examples of experiences in which children learn more about themselves, their decisions, and what to do in new settings.

When many of us think of childhood, we may think of the “uncomplicated” lives that we may have led.  Our kids don’t always have this luxury, as life can feel confusing and complicated.  Hiking outdoors allows for our kids to unplug and shed their anxiety.  Our outdoor adventures, also help our kids build confidence, one of our core values.

Studies show that the outdoors help children develop better focus.  Nature has all sorts of patterns and parts.  And all the parts somehow fit together.  When children get to play in the outdoors from the earliest age, they learn – what is what, how things fit together, what they do. They start making connections.

Hiking leaves our kids interested in finding out about the natural world.  Most importantly, it sparks curiosity and it allows for us  to get a better idea of how to engage our kids.

A giant thanks to our fabulous teacher, Ms. Jen for our websites beautiful photographs!

We hope you enjoy her work as much as we do!

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